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Our wonderful villa with private pool in Amalfi Coast
overlooks the ruins of the ancient basilica of sant’Eustachio in Scala, close the beautiful Ravello at the start point of the trekking trail Valle delle Ferriere

Basilica Sant'Eustachio Ruins


Nel XIII secolo la Basilica era una delle più belle del Sud Italia: un panorama mozzafiato al cospetto di un trionfo di marmi, affreschi e intarsi multicolori visibili anche dal mare. Ancora oggi si può ammirare la splendida facciata della basilica, e sono presenti anche alcune parti originali.

The ruins are located in the city of Pontone, in the mountain valley above Amalfi. Sant’Eustachio was built in the second half of the twelfth century, and is an excellent example of the architectural exchanges between Italy and Sicily in the Middle Ages. The exterior apse is often compared to the stunning Cathedral of Monreale in Sicily, which was constructed at about the same time. The colorful details you might notice in my photographs on the exterior of the Sant’Eustachio are likely from the restoration work done in 2002 to stabilize the ruins. Photos prior to that show a more monochromatic facade. But don’t get me started on the topic of restoration! The ruins are a short walk from Scala or Pontone, and from there you have several options for where to continue your hike. When I see the ruins of Sant’Eustachio, perched as they are dominantly overlooking the valleys of Amalfi and Atrani, I imagine just how impressive the basilica would have been when it was built, with its colorful decorations, inlaid stonework and rows of marble columns. It must have been an imposing representation of the power and prestige of the important families that built Sant’Eustachio.

Along the stone steps between the sleepy villages of Minuta and Pontone in Scala, you’ll find something a little unexpected. Set in a commanding position on a promontory surrounded by terraces of olive and lemon trees sits the ruins of what was once one of the finest churches in the Republic of Amalfi in the Middles Ages. Following the zigzaging steps down, the remaining walls of Sant’ Eustachio keep coming into view, closer and closer, as you approach Pontone. Thanks to a locally run association, you can visit the ruins of Sant’Eustachio, which is beautiful stop on the walk from Scala down to Amalfi.

This remarkable church was constructed in the 12th century during the peak of the powerful maritime Republic of Amalfi. While Pontone is a frazione, or hamlet, of Scala today, in the Middle Ages all of Scala was part of the Duchy of Amalfi. Pontone was home to the prominent D’Afflitto family who constructed this church and dedicated it to a saint important to them, Saint Eustace, an early Christian martyr in the 2nd century AD. When you step into what was once the nave of the church, it’s hard to imagine the original splendor of this church.

Valle delle Ferriere


Crossing ancient stairs and paths among lemon groves, you reach the Mill’s Valley, an uncontaminated wooded area full of springs and waterfalls among high mountains. Inside the deep valley, you can see several examples of industry of the 10th century, such as the remains of an old aqueduct or the ironworks where the iron was produced, and then we will visit the ruins of numerous paper mills that remain one of the few links with the history, wealth and power of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi.

start from the village of Minuta towards “Fica e’ noce” stopping for a visit to the remains of an ancient church, then all catapulted into a unique place of its kind, at least at our latitudes: the Valle delle Ferriere Oriented Nature Reserve, a real treasure chest of many treasures such as the Great Waterfall of the Rio Canneto more than 25 meters high, or the Petrified Mosses, in this subtropical microclimate, you can find the rare Pinguicola hirtiflora (a carnivorous plant), the Erica Terminalis but especially the famous prehistoric fern Woodwardia Radicans, a rare species of giant fern that has been present in the area for more than 65 million years.

The trail start from Minuta or Pontone and arrive in the center of Amalfi.

Hiking at Valle delle Ferriere

  • Equipment: Trekking shoes with non-slip sole, poles, hat, water.
  • Duration: 5 h
  • Difficulty: “H” (Moderate)